Thursday, May 1, 2008

Canada announces there may be "problems" with Umberger's papers

White hot Flyers forward R.J. Umberger may have trouble entering Canada for game five of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday. Umberger had no problems entering the country for games one and two one week ago.

"There might be problems with his papers, really big problems," said Canadian Immigration Official, Guy Forrier. "Passport photos need to be a certain size now and his is probably the wrong size or something. It's really unfortunate because he's playing so well."

Umberger who is from Pittsburgh, PA, had two goals last night bringing his playoff total to seven. Six of the seven have been scored against Montreal over four games.

At about 10PM last night the Canadian government passed the new passport photo law for Pennsylvanians entering Canada. "This law has been in the works for some time. We have great relations with Pennsylvania, but it was time for this law to pass," said Forrier.

When asked how he can comment on Umberger's passport before viewing it, a visibly nervous Forrier replied, "I can't really get too into the law's complicated. There are rules and regulations. Canada. It's...I'm under strict orders from the head of the Commonwealth, the Queen, not to talk about passport stuff."

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