Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crosby lets Flyers know Pittsburgh has more bridges

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sydney Crosby has been exchanging trash talk with Flyers players throughout the Eastern Conference Finals. Crosby apparently likes to point out city facts during play.

"He's been yapping this whole series," said Flyers forward Mike Richards. "He always brings up how many bridges Pittsburgh has during scrums and face-offs."

Richards noted that two off-season goals are to improve his conditioning and to use satellite photos of the steel city to determine the actual number of bridges. "I could use google maps, but I want something a little more official."

The municipality claims to have 446 bridges, which is the most of any city in the United States. Efforts to lengthen a 447th bridge by one foot to the 20ft required length that defines a bridge were unsuccessful last October.

"They have three rivers, what do you expect?" said defenseman, Randy Jones. "We only have two rivers and some large creeks, but I don't think if you added up our creeks it would equal their third river."

"Monongahela is a Native American word meaning river that joins with another river to form a third, larger river," said Crosby.

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