Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Listener swears radio was left on FM

Tim Wagner, 49, left from his Downingtown, PA home last Friday listening to Rhythm 87.4 FM. "I was listening to all the greats that the station offers on a daily basis," said Wagner. "I turned the radio off and left for work. It's clear to me because I had the Lords of the Guitar hit song Carmel Corn in my head."

When Wagner returned home around 6PM on Friday evening(he swears he had plans later in the evening) he approached the radio expecting to take in the Bubble Gum Pearl hour on 87.4 FM.

What Wagner found was the radio tuned to AM. "I haven't been to AM since the late 90's. It frightened me."

Had someone been in the house? Does Wagner have a new style radio that automatically resets to AM after eight or nine years? He soon realized what had happened.

"Just before I left the house I tuned into 1060[AM] for the traffic report. I should have remembered doing that because I do it everyday."

Wagner later admitted to walking into the wrong house, but that he didn't realize this until in the bathroom where he discovered the toilet paper was mounted on the opposite wall.

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