Friday, May 9, 2008

Rain experts advise against walking through puddles

Weather forecasters have predicted up to two inches of rain today in the Philadelphia area. "That's a lot of rain," says Ben "Typhoon" Shorts, the WB Network's lead meteorologist.

This amount of rain can cause puddles to form in streets and on sidewalks. Puddles are small bodies of water that usually form in areas of poor drainage. "I've seen them before. They're like super-small ponds, right?" said Center City resident, Dana Monroe.

"I always get ponds and puddles confused. Puddles are great for skipping rocks. Or is that creeks?" said David Newbin, another Center City resident.

"Typhoon" Shorts warns that walking through puddles is very dangerous. "You never know the depth of the puddle. The ground could've washed away underneath and you could be stepping into something over your head."

Shorts hinted that most puddles are safe to walk through, but he wants to warn the public about the possible dangers of the small percentage that are not. Shorts is raising money for puddle victims by selling t-shirts that read: "Puddles are fun for skipping rocks, but not for walking through." For more information and to order shirts visit

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