Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crowd storms museum in search of gold

A reported crowd of roughly 2,000 stormed the Philadelphia Museum of Art earlier today looking for a pot of gold. The rioters followed the rainbow which led them to one of the city's most recognizable buildings.

"They pushed their way past security and kept yelling,'where's the gold, where's the gold. Most shouted,'we're gonna be rich, rich I tell ya," said museum director of frames and framing, Gorland DeWane.

One gold seeker speed walked down the European Art corridor,"You're not suppose to run in the museum, but then again you're not suppose to storm the museum in search of a pot of gold." At this the man began a full sprint toward the Egyptian Art room.

Though no gold was discovered by the crowd their spirits were unexpectedly high upon exit and the museum registered 1100 new members. "That's a good number of new members from an angry mob. We were shooting for the 850 to 900 range," said DeWane.

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