Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pharmaceutical company to make medicine balls

Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co.,Inc. has decided to branch into the ultra-competitive medicine ball market. The company, which was founded in 1891, actually produced the exercise ball from 1895-1897.

"This is actually a return to the medicine ball market for Merck. It was a staple for nearly two years," said Merck product director, Gary Sawyer. The invention and subsequent popularity of dumbbells in 1896 forced the company to halt production and leave the market.

The announcement of the venture into medicine balls sent stock prices up $0.08 yesterday afternoon as shares hovered around the $40 mark. "This is not a short term move or a long term move. This is meant to benefit the company over the long term and the short term. And, frankly, it's about medicine balls," said Sawyer.

Company officials also hinted that there could be a line of medicine balls that would be filled with various Merck pharmaceuticals. They claimed it would be "the first true medicine ball." In addition some current meds could be manufactured in the shape of tiny medicine balls.

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