Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Phila Zoo closes penguin exhibit for remainder of playoff series

One of the Philadelphia Zoo's most popular exhibits will be closed for the next several days in a move that is described to "give the home hockey team a boost." The penguin exhibit, located in Bird Valley across from the lemur exhibit, will covered with a giant tarp until the Flyers-Penguins Eastern Conference Final match up is completed.

"Being down 2-0 we thought we would show the Flyers that we here at the zoo fully back them despite our dedicated, methodical care and love we show for penguins everyday," said Hannah Gilthorp, Zoo director of penguin affairs.

Reports that the flight-challenged birds were being mistreated by visitors and some staff members since the playoff series began with Pittsburgh on Friday proved false after the American Zoo and Zoological Task Force completed a full investigation this morning.

"They're just damn lovable in those tuxedos," said AZZTF security officer, Tibet Corzel. "If anything, we uncovered that they've been treated somewhat nicer as many of the visitors to see the penguin display are from Allegheny County."

The zoo is using the idea as a rallying cry and as a marketing campaign to lure more visitors to the zoo. "I'd be lying to you if I said I know what hockey is," said the zoo's marketing director, Flip Donzer.

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