Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bush on visiting Great Wall last month: "I should've said, 'Mr Jintao, tear down this wall.'"

President George Bush was criticized by many for attending last months Olympics in Beijing, China. The country is widely known for it's horrendous human rights record and limitations on basic freedoms. Many called for the leader to boycott the games to send a message to the most populous country on the planet.

Prior to arriving in China Bush visited Southeast Asia where he made public statements challenging Chinese President Hu Jintao to trust his country's people with more freedoms. However, once in China Bush seemed to back down from this tough stance.

"Looking back on my visit I wish I told Mr Jintao to tear down that wall," said Bush referring to the Great Wall of China. "That's what I would've said. I should've said,'Mr Jintao, tear down this wall.' I can't believe I just thought of that now. It just could've been a real famous line had I said over there. The Wall is a terrible symbol of separatedness and lots of stones."

Bush visited the Wall, which is visible from space, not long after he arrived in China. On the day of the visit he stated,"this thing just keeps going on and on. If I didn't have tickets to the women's volleyball match-up tomorrow I'd try to hike this thing."

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