Monday, September 22, 2008

Local athlete to enter university's intramural hall of fame

Dennis Jacobs, 39, of Wilmington, DE will be inducted into the Schuylkill State University Intramural Hall of Fame on Saturday. Jacobs attended the school from 1987-1990 and graduated with a degree in economics.

The Wilmington High School soccer player and track star competed in intramural soccer, floor hockey, flag football, basketball and ping pong and will join three others in SSU's 27th intramural hall class.

"Jacobs and the other three inductees will be joining an elite group of intramural athletes. SSU has one of the strongest intramural programs in the country," said Schuylkill State's intramural athletic director, Linda Skiles.

The ceremony will be held during halftime of the flag football game between Delta Kappa Sigma and Keg Patrol on field A at the McKenzie Athletic Fields. That is if the Keg Patrol squad decides to show up after forfeiting 2 of their last three games.

"Trust me, we'll show up this week with a full group. We'll put a kappa in Kappa. Plus, Jacobs is an intramural legend," said Keg Patrol team captain, Thomas Evans.

If the game is a forfeit the ceremony will be moved to field D during halftime of the women's field hockey game.

As great as Jacobs was at all the intramural sports he played he truly excelled at flag football. For this reason the university is retiring the flag that the inductee wore during the late 80's and presenting him with a golden flag.

"He was awesome. There were rumors that he tied his flag on tight to prevent easy release, but I never bought into any of that," said former teammate, Jack Hazel.

"I just hope Keg Patrol shows up," said Jacobs

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