Tuesday, September 16, 2008

D. Jackson:'I was really thinking college rules where the end zones are 11 yards, not 10.'

Dallas, TX--DeSean Jackson committed what appeared to be one of football's worst sins last night during a nationally televised game. The Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver hauled in a 60-plus yard pass from quarterback Donovan McNabb for what looked like the rookie's first career touchdown.

Just before crossing the goal line, however, Jackson released the ball to the ground signifying the start of a touchdown celebration. The brash, young wide out had sinned and cost his team six points.

The ESPN announcers were in shock along with the entire Delaware Valley. But Jackson should be forgiven for his mistake and not because Brian Westbrook scored on the very next play.

"I was really thinking college rules where the end zones are 11 yards not 10," said a somber Jackson. "It was my bad."

Though it's not a great excuse, it should be taken into consideration that had last night's division battle been a college game, his catch would have been a touchdown.

At the University of California Jackson was known for catching touchdowns and releasing the ball as soon as he crossed the line.

"It's really not his fault," said Eagles head coach, Andy Reid. "Everyone thinks that he was hot dogging, but he really wasn't. However, he will not be suiting up next week against the Steelers."

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