Monday, September 8, 2008

Neighbor wears full length button-down t-shirts

Jeff Rosentell still doesn't believe it even though he sees it almost everyday. What he witnesses is his neighbor in Philadelphia's Ringing Bell neighborhood wear button-down t-shirts daily.

"All of his t-shirts have been cut longways in the front and buttons have been added. Not partway down, but all the way down," said Rosentell.

The cutting neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, would not go into detail concerning the t-shirts, but said he didn't "care for pulling shirts over his head."

Other neighbors reported that many of the t-shirts have "cool" designs and cutting the garments seemed to be a waste.

"He has one of those Eastern State Penitentiary tees, with the overhead view of the spoked corridors, and there is a cut running directly through the middle. I don't get's like a crime and stuff," said Holly S., a nearby neighbor.

One neighbor, who also requested anonymity, has began cutting his own t-shirts. He went on to say that the cutting neighbor has started a trend in Ringing Belle.

"Honestly, it's more comfortable and stylish. Instead of a v-neck I can leave the top button undone. The only drawback is that the cut edges can curl-up with high humidity and it takes a few more seconds to put on."

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