Saturday, September 13, 2008

Texans very proud that state is slightly larger than storm

The enormous Hurricane Ike is battering the Texas coastline this morning and could leave widespread death and billions of dollars in damage in its wake. The massive storm could pummel Houston, the state's largest and the country's fourth largest city.

"It's a huge storm, but square mileage-wise it's still smaller than the great state of Texas. This is something that every Texan is proud of, I can assure you of that," said Houston mayor, Bill White.

Texas encompasses 268,820 square miles while Ike covers roughly 240,000 square miles. Scientists and hurricane experts have hinted that if Ike was 270,000 square miles it would be larger than the state of Texas.

"The fact that Texas is larger than the storm has greatly increased moral among those in [Ike's] path. I would not be surprised if the actual number of deaths from Ike are far below the predicted number simply because of this fact," said Robert Kinori, an expert from The Texas Hurricane Institute in Corpus Cristi.

Some residents began displaying their strong emotional state during the storm by hanging signs for TV news cameras. One sign painted on a bed sheet and placed in the window of a Galveston, TX home read:"C'mon Ike, don't get all mad 'cause Texas is larger than you. 48 states feel the same way."

Other signs were unclear and not helpful in determining the moral of residents. One read:"This is our last bed sheet."

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