Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One stand to sell $5.00 hot dogs at tonight's game

The hot dog stand behind section 424 in Citizens Bank Park will sell the popular food for $5.00 during tonight's Phillies-Marlins game. Tonight is the much anticipated promotion known as Dollar Dog Night at the stadium where all hot dogs are one dollar–well, not all.

"We like to have one stand sell the hot dogs at regular price. We do this because there is always a small percentage of fans that don't realize it's Dollar Dog Night," said the Phillies director of marketing, Flint Thomas.

The team says it never keeps the regular-priced hot dogs at the same stand for each promotion. In August the $5.00 hot dogs were located behind section 302 in right field and behind 132 in July.

"Someone goes down to buy a round of dogs for the group and sees that it's $5.00. What're they gonna do? Come back empty-handed? No, they're going to fork out the cash for 20 hot dogs. Cha Ching," said Thomas.

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