Thursday, September 11, 2008

Local trophy maker awards self trophy for best trophy making

Winners, Inc. of Broomall, PA one of the largest makers of trophies and medals, recently created a very large and elaborate trophy. Was it for a local youth sports team tournament? No. Was it made for a high school debate winner? No.

The four-feet tall trophy was produced for...Winners, Inc. That's right. Company officials awarded the trophy to themselves for "Best Trophy Making for 2008."

"We had a very good year and since there are no awards like this in our industry given by an independent agency we decided to give the award to ourselves[Winners Inc]," said the company's president, Geoff Vine.

Vine placed the 2008 award on a giant mantle in his office next to hundreds of other awards the company has "won" in the past 18 years.

Always Try Hard, Inc. in Gulleytown, IN, another large trophy maker, also presented itself with the same award.

"In my estimation there will be roughly 2500 first place trophy maker winners this year," said Always Try Hard's CEO Karen Akers, estimating the total number of trophy makers in the country.

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