Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chilean 'quake was actually a soccer riot

The 7.7-magnitude earthquake measured by the Global Seismic Association yesterday actually turned out to be a 7.7-magnitude soccer riot. Buildings and bridges toppled and over 100 people were injured with 2 casualties reported.

The Chilean national soccer team lost a very crucial and close match to arch rival Peru yesterday, 2-1, in overtime, eliminating the team and setting off a riot like no other.

"We are going to burn down the Andes," screamed one rioter referring to the mountain chain that dominates the country's landscape.

The super-hyped crowd pushed over a 20 story building, carried it through the streets and dumped it in the River Guanardo. Then the rioters,forming a long line, dug their bare hands into a paved road and created a two foot wide crack(pictured) in the asphalt simply by pushing and pulling.

As GSA officials surveyed the damage they became convinced it was caused by a large-scale earthquake.

"The fires, the giant cracks in the ground, the apartment buildings leveled, there was no doubt it was an earthquake...then we saw the mob," said GSA director Gabriel Domingo.

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