Sunday, November 25, 2007

Window store owner tires of joke

Gail Dana Townsend owns You're a such Pane in my Window her window store on the corner of 24th St and Jade St in Philadelphia. She has ran the shop for over 20 years first with her late husband and now with her kids. For the same 20 years she has heard the joke "We're just window shopping" countless times from countless customers. "I'm done with it," she said, "I've heard the joke for the last time. I'm closing the shop." Yesterday Townsend snapped at a very friendly customer and joker who simply thought it was the first time that she had heard it. One Townsend son witnessed the altercation,"Mom yelled at the man to get out of the store then began smashing most of the windows in the store." After finally calming down she had finally decided that was enough and as she left the store she turned, smiled and said,"It's actually a clever joke."

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