Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Report:Ahmadinejad would have defected if chosen to host Price is Right

Few knew that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a finalist for host of The Price is Right to replace Bob Barker. The controversial Iranian leader is a huge fan of the show and had inquired about the position weeks before his visit to the UN last month in New York. So serious was the leader that he had fully prepared to defect while in New York if he received word that the position was his. "We on our go to JFK Airport to return to Tehran and I had still no heard back from producers of dee show. I tell dee driver to slow it down mister and to take dee Belt Parkway at rush hour to buy we some time," said the saddened President in his broken English. The leader was late enough for his flight that he had to be paged over the airport's public address system urging him to check-in at the nearest Persian Airways kiosk. "I never heard notting from dem. Notting."
Apparently the Iranian leader is obsessed with the show and frequently stages mock shows where he plays the host. "He really gets into it. He loves to scream 'Come on down' and 'Let's see the next item up for bid,'"said one Al Queda member who was forced to sit-in as an audience member during the fake show. Sources report that he has continued the mock shows in hopes of starting an Iranian version-if the rights can be purchased.

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