Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Hess Toy Truck runs on gas

Hess has begun promoting this year's new holiday monster truck that will require gasoline for operation. The truck will get about 2 feet per teaspoon of gas.

"We wanted to have a toy that uses fuel to sell more of our product at the pumps," said Hess director of marketing, Frank Daniels.

When parents visit Hess stations to fill up this holiday season there will be a special "kiddy pump" where children can refuel their Hess toy trucks. To use the "kiddy pumps" children must be at least one year old.

The Trucks are radio controlled and have a range of 100 yards but have to be refueled often. One fill up produces about ten minutes of operating time.

"We considered using batteries but then it would not be using fossil fuels. We want to cash in on oil while it's still around," said Daniels.

One child loved the toy,"I love it and gasoline smells weird on my hands but I love my new truck. I use it to carry around reece's pieces. I named it trucky trucky."

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