Monday, November 19, 2007

Dolphins refuse to play game because of nets

The Miami Dolphins were in town yesterday to play the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field for a 1pm game. However, after pregame warm-ups the Dolphins' front office decided that the nets behind the field goals were not "Dolphin-safe." Several Miami officials examined the nets that prevent balls from entering the seating area for several hours before the game. "We ran some tests with some of the players. Rolling them up in the net and then timing how long it took them to get out. Hands down the nets were not Dolphin-safe," said John Tipton,a Dolphins official. The squares that make up the netting are three inches by three inches making it impossible for the players to pass safely through the netting.

Jayson Taylor(pictured)was very upset,"every stadium in the league has Dolphin-safe nets. It's just very upsetting. It's 2007, get with the program. The Eagles should be embarrassed and should be penalized draft picks."
The Eagles assured the Dolphins that the nets would be replaced with a Dolphin friendly net and that the game would be rescheduled for tonight. "The cancellation obviously upset our fans but we wanted to do what was right and good and the commissioner backed me up on this. We're the greenest team in the league," said Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie.

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