Sunday, December 30, 2007

Audience member nap a first for Stomp

The action-packed banging, gonging and pounding of the critically acclaimed show Stomp was not enough to to keep the attention of the entire audience earlier today at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia.

The 2pm show seemed to be going very smoothly until an audience member was discovered sound asleep in the balcony section. Richard Wade is now officially recognized by the American Board of Live Theater Performances(ABLTP) as the first person ever to nap during a Stomp performance.

"We here at the Board thought that such a feat was impossible but Mr. Wade proved us all wrong," said Judith Wilson, ABLTP Associate Director.

Apparently some segments of the show gave the cast a chance to re-energize.

"I dozed off during the part with the newspapers and I'm not sure how long I was out. But I did have a dream about newspapers as I am very fond of them," said Wade.

Wade snoozed through banging oil drums doubling as giant shoes and metal chairs folding to an eardrum-shattering rhythm.

Wade appeared somewhat embarrassed at first but then took pride in the award presented to him by the cast members after the show.

"The whole cast came out and said they were so impressed with the nap and they gave me a $50 gift certificate to Subway good at all Delaware Valley locations," said Wade.

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