Monday, December 31, 2007

Eagles still hoping for playoffs, will fly to Seattle

The Philadelphia Eagles are still hoping that the NFL will expand the number of playoff teams in the NFC from six to seven teams before next weekend.

"It hasn't been talked about or anything and we haven't brought up the idea to the league but we just thought that maybe they would do it," said a somewhat optimistic Andy Reid, head coach of the Eagles.

The league has not expressed interest in growing the playoff field and the chances that it would happen by next weekend are very small.

"Had they brought this up at a meeting like two weeks ago I would have taken it to the Board," said a just informed, Pat Leingild.

There will be a vote by the Board to determine whether the topic should go to an official vote. "This vote will determine if we will vote on it or not. The only reason we are doing this is because we like Andy and McNabb really finished the season strong," said Leingild.

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