Monday, December 3, 2007

Seattle merchant claims Tatupu bounced check on invisible paint purchase

Last Tuesday in a downtown Seattle hardware store Lofa Tatupu purchased a can of invisible paint to use during yesterday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Store owner Beth Thomas clearly informed Tatupu that she would not accept checks because of recent problems but caved when he revealed he was a Seahawks' linebacker.

"I didn't recognize him at first and thought there was no way that I would have check problems with a Seahawk. They are Kings in this town," said Thomas.

She received word early this morning from her bank that the check did not go through, which will cost her $50.00 in fees.

Totupu used the paint to make himself invisible to fool Eagles quarterback A J Feely.

"Unfortunately I had to work so I was not able to see whether he was satisfied with his purchase or not," said Thomas.

At the moment she is very concerned with getting her money for the paint which is produced in the store's basement. Only several cans a year are made, which is the reason for the high cost of the paint. This morning Totupu claimed that he wants to "make things right" with Thomas, but that he spilled paint on his wallet sometime after the game.

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