Monday, December 24, 2007

Orange extension cord makes holidays uncomfortable

Tim Sherman of Aston, Delaware County, PA, can't wait for the Christmas season to arrive every year. The golf pro at Twin Ponds and Lakes Country Club spends much of the year planning how he can transform his house into one giant Christmas ornament.

Sherman, 47, father of three, goes all out in decorating his home with everything from lights that twinkle to lights that, well, don't twinkle.

"Last year I had over 10,000 bulbs going full tilt," said Sherman. "I wanted to have 15,000 this year, but the township stepped in and said no way."

The suburban house is covered in the green colored strings of lights running both vertically and horizontally. Green, red, white, and twinkling lights as far as the eye can see all connected with green cords. That is, however, for one exception. The extension cord that snakes its way to the Santa figure on the front lawn is orange. In fact, a very bright, in-your-face, 50-ft, industrial-strength, orange extension cord.

"The orange cord ruins the whole feel of the decorations and kills the holiday spirit," Sherman said. "I covered it with fake snow and tinsel, but I know it's still there." Since the covering, the family dog has devoured most of the artificial flakes and silver tinsel exposing the orange line.

Sherman's neighbor Dan Borse, who didn't notice the cord, consoled his friend. "I told him that I didn't even notice the cord and that most high voltage cords are orange. They are tough to get in green. They really are. I told him to cheer up because, you know, it's the holidays and stuff."

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