Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bush gives State of Union Station Address

President Bush gave his seventh and final State of the Union Address to the country last night in the capital. While most expected to find Iraq, energy, the economy, or immigration among the topics covered by the President, none, surprisingly, were discussed during the lengthy speech. Instead, Bush gave a complete address describing the state of Union Station, Washington, D.C.'s major passenger rail hub.

"The train station is one of Washington's treasures and it's in a great state right now," reported Bush, about the station that was completed in 1907 and had its most recent restoration in 1988. "Trains come in, people get off, different people get on, and this continues throughout the day."

He went on to describe the arrival and departure board in the main hall of the station.

"The board lists the cities where trains are coming from and going to. Oh, and it lists the times, as well." During the final three-fourths of the address, Bush listed the cities serviced by Union Station from across the country. "You can get to Baltimore, Aberdeen, Wilmington ..."

Many members of Congress were very impressed with the speech. "This was the best of the his [State of the Union Addresses]. This is a huge national topic at the moment. A great president from long ago once said, 'As Union Station goes, so goes the United States,'" said one anonymous and very excited Senator.

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