Monday, January 14, 2008

Romo:"Yes, I would play for Los Cabos if they get a franchise."

Tony Romo, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, made headlines last week when, during the team's bye week, he took a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico with his celebrity girlfriend Jessica Simpson. Many felt that the quarterback should have found a comfortable seat in the film room during this time to break down footage of possible opponents. "If I had to do it over again I would have used a number 30 sunscreen instead of a 15," said Romo confidently after his less than stellar performance in yesterday's loss to the New York Giants, 21-17. The loss ended a great season for the Cowboys, tying a team record for wins at 13. Romo went on to say that he would not have thrown the late interception if the score had been 21-18. "If we were within three points, we could have attempted a field goal," said Romo.
During the post game news conference Romo answered several questions regarding the game but then would only discuss his trip to Mexico. Instead of talking about the Giants pass rush he discussed the Aztec pyramids and his Montezuma's Revenge that forced him to miss the first two plays of the second half. So captured with the country to the south, that Romo was asked if he would ever play there if they were ever awarded a franchise. "Yes, I would play for Los Cabos if they get a franchise." Romo and his star power may have what it takes to land the NFL's first international franchise. "If we ever did expand to Mexico it probably would have been Mexico City, but this changes a lot," said NFL Rep, Gary Norman.

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