Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Minnesotans:'If we didn't have a dome, we'd be the coldest in NFL.'

Minnesotans and Vikings fans from across the state stormed the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome yesterday after growing tired of claims from neighboring Wisconsin that Green Bay is the coldest place in the NFL. "If we didn't have a dome we'd be the 'Frozen Tundra' of the NFL. It's not fair," said Jim Honderson of Bloomington, MN. Fans of the team have sat in relative comfort since 1982, needing little more than a turtle neck, dungarees and Birkenstocks. "I want to be snowed on or try to take a sip of my beer and it be frozen." Police quickly controlled the angry crowd, who attempted to remove the dome, with promises of hot chocolate and hot cocoa.
All of the publicity that Green Bay received over the weekend, for hosting the second coldest game in NFL history, finally hit a nerve with this great state of 10,000 lakes(and still counting). The Vikings haven't played an outdoor home game since 1981, in Metropolitan Stadium, but that may change with the home advantage the Packers displayed on Sunday. "Did you see how scared the Giants were? They could have won the game in regulation but that cold forced the game into overtime," exclaimed Harry Munderson of Mall of America, MN. Munderson had four fingers removed (pictured) ,due to frostbite, after taking in a 1976 Vikings playoff game. A friend of Munderson's made a football tee from the fingers as a gift.

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