Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama, Huckabee prevail, corn a close second

The Iowa caucus results are in and in a surprise Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee claimed victory for the Democrats and Republicans respectively. But not surprising was the strong finish by corn. Corn finished second in voting in both parties and appears to be a strong threat. "We love our corn and we showed that today," said Iowa voter, Tim Rester.
As a show of how important the crop is to the state, Iowans wrote the plant in on the ballot as a candidate. Corn prices continue to rise as the call for ethanol based fuels continues to grow. Iowans rely on the crop a bit more than the rest of the country as roads, buildings, pets, trees, cars, sports equipment and much more are made from the crop. "They may have beaten corn, but can they beat granite," said Rester referring to the upcoming New Hampshire caucus.

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9circlesofhell said...

First time here ... and nothing but kudos to your wit and style.

You must know that immediately after I read your piece on Sal Fascano, I rushed to shave my mustache figuring I'd foil the subpoenas that were certain to come.

And yes, I've already scored a couple of tickets to Soldier Field's Bulls/Lakers game -hope it's a whiteout!

P.S. dude, you should be syndicated