Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Froggy Carr to star in new Coors Light commercial

The Mummers group Froggy Carr will appear in a upcoming Coors Light commercial to be aired sometime in January. The company was so very impressed by the groups consumption of the beverage on New Year's Day that president Pete Coors flew in to personally make an offer to the comic group's captain earlier today.

The group alone, made up of 650 members, accounted for 62% of all Coors Light sold in the Northeast over the holiday.

"What can I say, Froggy Carr likes Coors Light," said Mummer, Franky Cavanaugh.

Asked when the commercial would be filmed, a company spokesman hinted that all film footage for the ad was taken yesterday.

"We lucked out," said the rep, "we had an advertising rep at the parade on vacation who used his video camera to capture the group in action." The rep called then emailed the video to the marketing supervisors.

One scene that producers wanted to add digitally to the commercial had a Froggy Carr member drinking Coors from the end of a parasol as if the handle and stem were filled with the beer.

"We didn't have to add that because it actually happened during the strutting." said the Coors rep. "We still may digitally add the Twins."

The ad will run in the Northeast, and, if successful, will perhaps air during the Super Bowl.

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