Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Report:Minnesota bridge collapse was for episode of Punk'd

More than five months after the deadly bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN, investigators have discovered that the incident was a prank by the MTV hidden-camera show Punk'd.

Until last night experts believed the failure of the bridge was a result of faulty engineering or simply the old age of the structure.

"We were attempting to Punk Adrian Pederson, running back of the Vikings. We thought that putting a scare into the rookie as he crossed the bridge would be hilarious TV. We only really thought one or two people would get seriously hurt," said an MTV representative.

The show basically turned itself in when they decided to air the episode last night, revealing all the preparation behind the stunt, which included several small explosive devices.

"We could not resist airing the piece. Adrian's face was so funny when the bridge gave out," said the representative.

The episode cost the station over $200 million but that number will likely rise.

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