Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dr Phil and Pat Croce claim credit for ending Flyers streak; Team credits Oct. trip to Whistler

TV's Dr Phil McGraw has claimed his pregame speech to the Flyers last night provided the needed motivation for the team to end their ten game losing streak. However, Pat Croce also claimed responsibility for ending the skid. Neither man knew the other was addressing the team last night at different times and both appeared appalled Flyers' general manager Paul Holmgren would do such a thing. "Pat is great but c'mon, I respect him but I have my own TV show. I'm just a bit surprised Paul would do this," said a confident Dr Phil.
Dr Phil played junior hockey with Holmgren and the two have remained close friends ever since. "Dr Phil could skate and he had a nice little slap shot," said Holmgren. When asked why he requested both men to speak in the same night at different times Holmgren said,"I was desperate. We were approaching a club record and I had to pull out all the gadgets. It's embarrassing, but it worked and the appearance fee for each guest does not go against the cap."
Croce, who worked as a trainer on the Flyers years ago, is also known for being a motivational speaker. He claimed his talk last night was based on his best-selling book,"I Feel Great and I think You Can Too." It was reported that Croce made a grand entrance into the Flyers' dressing room through an air duct but was over 30 minutes late because of his unfamiliarity with Buffalo's duct system. "I first popped through a hatch that was overlooking Niagra Falls."

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