Thursday, February 7, 2008

New lake to provide lake-effect snow for Poconos

It's been a very dry season for many Pocono Mountains' ski resorts as have the past several years. The state of Pennsylvania has recognized the situation and has decided to create a lake just west of the popular resort area that will produce huge amounts of lake-effect snow.

"The Poconos will be snowless no more," said a joyous governor, Ed Rendell.

The plan calls to construct a dam on the lower Susquehana River Valley, near the Maryland border, creating a lake slightly smaller than Lake Erie. Funding will come from lottery sales,highway tolls and state-run bake sales.

Unfortunately, the number of people to be displaced will be in the millions.

"We'll lose towns like Harrisburg, Williamsport, West Williamsport and South Williamsport, but we'll have great skiing and...ah...great flood control," said state rep, Jim Dunagan.

New towns created will include North Rendellville, South Rendellville and John Thorpe. The project will be 3 times the size of Three Gorges Dam in China and will take over twenty-five years to complete.

"Hopefully most of the displaced will not be upset. And I hope they frequent the resorts in the future," said Dunagan.

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