Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Military used Galaga as training for satellite shoot down

The U.S. Navy revealed today that the general who launched the missile which destroyed an Earth-bound satellite last week had been training on Galaga, the popular 80's arcade game, for several years.
General Fillmore, who took two weeks off from the game prior to launch to relieve severe carpal tunnel syndrome, is a level 12 Galaga soldier. Levels 12 and above are only accessible to U.S. Military personnel possessing the necessary skill.
"If the satellite had captured one of our fighters we would have fired and released the fighter ultimately giving us two fighters to shoot down the beast," said General Fillmore, referring to the popular double fighters tactic in the game Galaga that increases scores exponentially during the "challenger stage."
"There are many differences between Galaga and actually shooting down a in-active spy satellite, but the biggest is that we only had one missile not tens of thousands," said the General. "And the joysticks are slightly different."
China, who was very critical over the U.S. destroying the satellite, expressed great relief as they are the makers of Galaga and are very familiar with its technology.

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