Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dunk contest added to Pro Bowl for ratings boost

Honolulu, HI--Boosting ratings is not something the NFL accustomed to doing. However, the most watched American team sport is looking to do just that with the annual Pro Bowl in Hawaii this weekend. The NFL's All-star game, which usually ranks low in television ratings, will feature a slam dunk contest this year during halftime. "Players will dunk over the horizontal field goal bar similar to how some players celebrate touchdowns," said one NFL official, Gary Dinning. The height of the crossbar is ten feet--the same as a basketball rim--which makes perfect sense to hold a dunk competition. To make the contest a bit more realistic a basketball instead of a football will be used, while a rim and backboard will be attached to the field goal bar. And, finally, MLB and NHL players will compete against each other instead of NFL players during the exhibition dunking event.
Notes: Roger Goodell denied rumors that the league is planning to make the Pro Bowl into a flag football game in the future to prevent injuries to its marquee players.

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