Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gagne can't recall advice from Lindros, Primeau; they don't recall giving advice

Simon Gagne, Flyers forward, suffered his third concussion this season on Saturday in Pittsburgh versus the Penquins. The team is considering the possibility of ending his season early as a precaution. On Monday Keith Primeau and Eric Lindros, former Flyers who suffered multiple concussions, offered advice to the young Gagne. Primea's career ended early due to persistant post-concussion symptoms. The two retired players called the Flyer to share their experiences of dealing with multiple concussions, or at least attempted to. "I do remember calling Simon but I really have no idea what the conversation was about. We may have talked about how the season was going and what restaurants are good in Philly," said a somewhat confused Primeau. Lindros had know idea who Simon Gagne was when asked about the player.
Here is a transcript of Keith Primeau's phone call to Simon Gagne on Monday:
Gagne: Hello.
Primeau: Hey Gags, this is Preems.
G: Hey, what's going on? What are you up to?
P: Not too mcuh. I was calling to see how yor were...wait...didn't you call me?
G: I don't think so. I...wait...yeah, I did. Hang on, let me check the caller ID. No, Preems you called me.
P: Oh. You sure? ...Who is this?
G: Preems, it's me, Simon...Who is this?
P: Simon it's me, Preems.
G: Hey, Preems.
P: I think I was calling about restaurants.
G: Restaurants are good. Who is this?
P: Who is this? Listen it was really good to hear from you. Who is this?
G: (Now speaking in French) Who is this? I'm glad I made the call. Take care. Who is this?

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