Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hillary plans to make WebMD available to all

On Super Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton finally revealed the foundation of her health care reform plan. She announced that when elected president she will make WebMD accessible to all uninsured U.S. residents.

"WebMD is good. And giving the uninsured of this country the opportunity to search for cures and remedies online is better than actual insurance in many ways," said Clinton.

Universal health care may not work in this country but universal WebMD has a chance to save taxpayers millions of dollars and possibly save a few more lives.

"Those who suffer from... say...a deep cut have a God-given right to log onto WebMD to learn how to stitch a wound for themselves using an aluminum can. There's also a whole section on performing home organ transplants using nothing more than items found in your kitchen," said Clinton.

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