Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Frank Purdue makes Northeast H.S. chicken prank disappear

Frank Purdue has tremendous influence, power and endless monetary resources to make controversial chicken issues into non-issues. Yesterday, as a prank, several chickens were released into Philadelphia's Northeast High School prior to school opening which forced the school to close early. "Purdue made the issue go away," said one anonymous Philadelphia School Board member. The same member was asked whether or not charges would be filed against the students responsible: "Charges for what? Nothing went on here yesterday. Nothing at all."
The chicken mogul has been known in the past to put himself in the center of all U.S. chicken controversies, such as in 1995. This was the year that Boston Chicken changed its name to Boston Market. Purdue immediately stepped in and that is why today the restaurant is known as Boston Chicken Market Hut.
So influential is Purdue that most teachers and staff at Northeast H. S. don't really remember the incident occurring. "I don't really know what your talking about," said one teacher, referring to the prank. The high school was open today with very little discussion about what happened on Monday. Purdue will act as a hall monitor for the next two weeks at the high school.

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