Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Knotts' daughter turning up pressure on Knuble

Karen Knotts, daughter of the late actor Don Knotts (pictured), is putting excessive pressure on Mike Knuble (yes, the 'k' is pronounced), Philadelphia Flyers forward, to change the pronunciation of his last name by eliminating the 'k' sound.

The issue originally surfaced back in October at the beginning of the hockey season. Knotts was in town to attend the 'Kn' Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and discovered the local hockey player pronounced the 'k' in his surname.

The 'k' is silent in most English words containing the 'kn' combination. Exceptions include: know, knife, and knever.

"It sounds funny to pronounce the 'k,' but it's part of my heritage,"said Knuble. "It's who I am."

Knotts is continuing in the footsteps of her father who originally started the campaign to rid the country of all 'k' pronunciation in 'kn' words four years ago. Don Knotts, who passed away two years ago, started Know Knonsense, a for-profit organization, late in his life to combat this "terrible problem."

"Just before my father passed he told me to be courageous in this dangerous pursuit. It is now my mission, my passion," said Knotts, wearing a blue Know Knonsense t-shirt. "Mr Knuble (no 'k' sound), tear down this 'k.'"

Knuble did not know nor had he ever met the actor, but realized the 'kn' cause was an important part of Knotts' life before passing on. "Out of respect for Mr. Furley I am considering changing the pronunciation of my last name."

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