Friday, February 1, 2008

Brady to wear potato sack in honor of National Potato Sack Awareness Week

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will play the first offensive series of the Super Bowl in a potato sack to honor National Potato Sack Awareness Week.

"I'm hoping we go four and out," said a smiling Brady. "Seriously, it's for a good cause and if I have to hop around for a few downs so kids understand the dangers of potato sacks than it's all good."

National Potato Sack Awareness Week was started in 1987 after the deadly Kimberton, PA sack race that claimed the lives of seventeen very uncoordinated, clumsy children.

Sack Safe is a non-profit organization based in Charlestown,PA that teamed up with Brady after the 2004 season.

"We had no idea that Tom was injured in a sack race while a freshman in high school, causing him to miss a couple games," said Safe Sack founder, Chris Stapleton.

The agency believes that seeing Brady try to negotiate NFL linemen, while in a sack, will teach children that sacking is serious business. According to Safe Sack's website children must be fitted for a sack just like they would a shoe or sneaker.

"Yes, incorrect sizing causes most sack accidents. I can tell you were on our website," said Stapleton.

Statistics have shown that the number of children that hop around in a sack to complete every day tasks-hopping around school, neighborhood, store-has slightly decreased since 1987.

"We feel we are making a difference in kids lives," said Brady and Stapleton simultaneously, which caused them to laugh.

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