Monday, April 21, 2008

Green Lantern's final wish carried out

Superhero Green Lantern, who passed away last week after 70 plus years of fighting crime locally and globally, had his final wish carried out by the Fairmount Park Commission yesterday.

Lantern,98, was born and spent most of his down time on Green Street in the city's Fairmount neighborhood. "He was a good guy. He frequently stopped by to borrow a cup of spinach or a cup of green butter. I would always tell him,'I don't have green butter,'" said neighbor, Kyle Piller.

Before expiring Lantern asked that the fountain in Love Park be dyed green with his ashes as a remembrance to his longtime friend the Jolly Green Giant. Jolly Green passed several weeks before Lantern in a motorcycle accident while vacationing in the South of Greenland.

Lantern had this to say about Jolly:"Though he didn't fight crime the way I did, or really at all for that matter. Jolly stood taller than most. Yeah, he was real tall."

The Fairmount Park Commission was able to bring in the Hulk for the dying ceremony. The Hulk had never met Jolly or Lantern and was very cordial during the two hour tribute.

The Phillie Phanatic turned the switch that sent the fountain, and the ashes, into the air as the crowd cheered and cried at the same time. "Both of these guys were good guys," said former Phillies pitcher, Tommy Greene.

The FPC admitted that green dye numbers 46-53 had to be added along with the ashes to generate the proper "eye catching" shade of green.

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