Monday, April 28, 2008

Mugabe: 'Let's do a best of 7 like the NHL does.'

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has asked his opposition in last months elections to consider a best-of-seven elections format to determine the African nation's next president.

"Let's do a best of seven like the NHL does," said the President. Mugabe is a self-proclaimed hockey "nut" and has been seen in luxury boxes throughout NHL arenas over the past several years.

Mugabe has refused to step down as the country's leader even though many believe that he lost the election which took place almost one month ago. Currently the country is conducting a recount of the ballots.

Mugabe is under pressure from Morgan Tsvangirai, founder of Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), to relinquish the presidency and does not see a best-of-seven happening. "I'm a bigger hockey fan than Robert, and though it would be great, the country has chosen and he must respect the decision."

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