Friday, April 18, 2008

It takes 6 connected zip ties to circumference a lamp post

Darren Hults is obsessed with zip ties. He puts zip ties around everything. If you're out in the city and notice a zip tie strapped to something the chances are that Hults placed it there.

"It's kind of my mark. I don't believe in the destruction of property so I turned to zip ties instead of marking or graffiti," said Hults.

Looking at a lamp post one day Hults wanted to know how many of the flexible plastic strips it would take to circle the pole.

"To this point all of my zip tie placements are singles. This is my first attempt at multiple, connected zip ties. I initially guessed four, but it turned out to be six. I was really surprised."


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Anonymous said...

Yes, but what length zip ties did he use?