Thursday, April 24, 2008

Travel: A guide to Montreal during playoff hockey for Flyers fans

Headed north for the Philadelphia Flyers versus the Montreal Canadians in the Eastern Conference Semi-finals? Though Montreal is located in the French-speaking country of Quebec, the city is predominately English speaking. This is what has attracted droves of Americans since tourism became legal in 1803.

I was fairly young when the Flyers last played the Canadians in the playoffs at the end of the 1989 season in the conference finals. However, when the telecast would break for or return from a commercial the network would show scenes from the city.

From what I saw on those brief video clips the city looks great. This is really all I have to go on because I have never been to Montreal during playoff hockey season.

It's been a while but one of the shots was of a cobblestone street with some horses pulling a carriage or something. So if you go check that area out, but I'm not sure where this is located in the city.

There was also a shot of a river or some sort of body of water. Waterfronts are always a good way to go. So definitely check this out. Again ask when you arrive in Montreal about where this is and if there are any exciting things to do there.

Now back in 1989 the Canadians played in the Montreal Forum. I know for a fact that they have moved into a new arena, but again you are going to want to check this out upon your arrival.

Flyers fans that make the trip to Canada but don't have tickets probably would like to congregate at Montreal's Flyers-friendly bars. Check with your hotel for a list of these bars. Remember, at one time Montreal spoke mostly French and as a tribute most of the city's restaurants and pubs have left their menus in the original language as a tribute.

So go Flyers fans and enjoy the the "Eh City" in the small country to the north and take in an Expos game if time allows.

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