Friday, April 4, 2008

Sunoco tv's drawing large crowds of non-customers

Sunoco gas stations across the region have begun installing televisions at the pumps to entertain customers as they fill their tanks. "We wanted to reward our loyal customers for choosing Sunoco and we now seem to be drawing non-customer audiences for sporting events and HBO programing," said Sunoco rep, Karen Mills.

Specifically, Mills is referring to the 22nd St and Walnut St Sunoco, which has seen crowds of up to 60 people gather on the 22nd St. sidewalk to view the screens. "It's nice because I don't have HBO and when my favorite shows are on I come down with my beach chair and set up here on the sidewalk," said viewer, Brent Cordon.

"I am planning to have my Super Bowl party here next year,' said Jim Gloss, of Fitler Square.

The monitors are positioned high enough so that customers filling their tanks do not interfere with the sight lines of the viewers on the sidewalk. In addition to unobstructed views comes the possibility of providing an audience member with a remote control. "It would be sweet to do some channel surfing out here," said Gloss.

Food sales in the convenient store have soared as it has become Sunoco's top grossing mini-market. "We never anticipated the ripple effect of placing tv's at the pumps. Our candy sales have skyrocketed," said Mills.

So grab a lawn chair and buy a Snickers or a chicken hot dog and join the crowd at 22nd and Walnut for a playoff Flyers game or an episode of The Office.

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