Friday, April 4, 2008

Maybelline ok's "Maybe it's Valvoline"

Maybelline Inc. has given final permission for Valvoline Inc. to "borrow" it's well known ad slogan-"Maybe it's Maybelline"-for the next six months. Valvoline will begin running tv advertisements that feature, "Maybe it's Valvoline."

"We'll show an engine that is performing at a high level and ask the audience whether or not it was born with it. Then the ad will close with,'Maybe it's Valvoline,'" said Grahm Pintos, Valvoline media relations associate.

Maybelline officials agreed that it might affect sales, but were not sure whether that affect would be positive or negative. "It could be positive, but then it could also be the opposite of that. We'll have to see. I won't lie, I'm very nervous about the whole thing," said Maybelline guru, Ned Hanst.

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