Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nike backs off "Air Gordons" idea

The Nike Corporation has been looking to introduce a shoe to baseball that would send shockwaves through the sport. The shoe company thought they had their man, but may begin a new search after Phillies' reliever Tom Gordon suffered a meltdown in the ninth inning yesterday.

"Air Gordons were going to be to baseball what Air Jordans are to basketball and hockey," said Nike rep, Dan Glin.

Gordon was all set to sign a five year deal with Nike that would have paid the 40 year old $50 million to place his name on the spikes. "At this time we feel like we need to go in a different direction and it really has nothing to do with injuries, age or performance," said Glin.

Gordon expressed disappointment but hinted that retirement was nearing anyway. "I am really considering retirement. So the last four years of the contract would have probably been voided anyway."

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