Monday, April 7, 2008

Thousands of pounds of Vaseline can't keep protesters off Golden Gate

The California Department of Transportation began covering the large suspension cables of the Golden Gate Bridge with Vaseline over five months ago in anticipation of protesters scaling the structure to protest the use of Vaseline to prevent protesting.

"We spent over $200 million to cover the cables with the goo to make them impossible to climb," said CalDOT spokesman, Jessy Chordly.

The time and money spent to prevent the climbing of the cables turned out to be for naught. Three protesters were able to maneuver up the massive steel supports to a height of 30 yards above the road decking.

Specifically, the individuals were expressing their anger at the usage of Vaseline by universities to prevent students from climbing field goal posts and tearing them down in celebration of important football victories.

"This is a victory for all who want to climb a field goal post, rip it down, and carry it out of the stadium," said protester, Nancy Srukow.

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